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By the amazing iwant_sprinkles

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I am an aspiring Opera singer. I LOVE opera! My favourites are Carmen, La Traviata, La Boheme, Don Giovanni, Madama Butterfly and many others. I am currently a lirico leggiero soprano with a voice that is still developing. I hate people who claim that they are classically trained opera singer and then can't sing their way out of a bag. Well...*cough cough EMMY ROSSUM cough cough*

I am also a very truthful girl who doesn't like to sugar coat things and be wishy-washy. I tell it like it is, but I know when to turn my critique down; I'm not inconsiderate.

I hope I become a famous opera singer when I get older. And my dream right now is to perform at the Metropolitan Opera. A big dream, I know, but not impossible!

I'm currently obsessed with the FOX television show House and an ardent Huddy (House/Cuddy) shipper (Because House/Cameron is just lame). And, even though it's BEEN over, I'm STILL obsessed with Alias because... the REAL fans keep on watching. ;)

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